Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rhet analysis purpose/design

Purpose Statement/Design Plan

In this essay, I will be describing the symbolic and visual details of a selection of posters representing The Hobbit movies. Some of the details I will be referencing in my description are the use of color, shading, texture, mood, and text. My audience will be any person that would potentially be interested in these movies or any person that may have read the books. The age range of the intended audience could be anybody from the very young to an elderly person that has an interest in a fantasy type of story.  The purpose of my analysis is to encourage my reader to have a more complete understanding of the deeper meaning behind things that sometimes go unnoticed. . I will search for clues that will allow the reader an opportunity to gain a better understanding of implied meaning and symbolism.  I will be giving the audience a picture of the work and then describe my understanding of the details of the work. Hopefully, my analysis will promote a more critical evaluation of the images presented on the part of the viewer/reader. I will be commenting on the ethos, or the credibility of the work presented. An unsophisticated audience may view the posters as a simple advertisement that elicits little thought; however, by reading my statement, the audience has an opportunity to view the images through a more critical eye.  Pathos will be addressed by delving into the emotional scene incited by the work. The shapes of letters can draw the reader in and suggest a way of reading (fast, slow, informal, etc.)  Logos will give the reader a sense of logical application of the image by arranging the elements in such a way as to draw attention to the viewer. By presenting the key concepts in this way, I hope to shed new light on the implied meaning of the Hobbit movies’ posters.  

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