Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/19/15 poster assignment

I am choosing the harry potter poster. Right away your eye is drawn towards the center of the poster to the wand. The wand seems to be some sort of conflict because both of these people are holding it and it is also emitting some sort of force. After you see the wand your eyes drift to the boarders of the image and you see people with blood coated faces. Finally your eyes drift down to the text which states "IT ALL ENDS 7.15" which is a very powerful statement.  The darkness of the poster suggests that it will not be a happy film and there will be depressing moments. The blood on these characters supports the idea that there will be fighting and conflict in this film also. I believe that this poster was made recently because it was digitally made and the quality is very good. Another indicator to this is that it is being shown in Imax 3D which didn't take off in popularity until recently. I believe that this is an action movie based on all of the blood and the darker elements of the poster. I believe that the designer of the poster chose the colors in this manner to portray a darker meaning. You can say this because the wand is emitting light onto the characters face and you can see that they are coated in blood.  One could assume that being coated in blood is not a good thing. They also made the text white which makes it stand out better against the darker background. The overall effect that this poster has on me is fighting and despair. I say this because you can see the anger and agony in the characters eyes to finally end their prolonged struggle. You also see that they are covered in blood. The darkness of the background also leads you to believe that this is not a movie about rainbows and sunshine.  This poster makes me want to see the movie because of the detail that went into making it.

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