Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22/2015 Writing communication

Design is to writing as air is to breathing, one is necessary for the other to be possible. This essay about the correlation between writing and design is very eye opening. When everyone was just a little child we all had to write our first paper and it was horrible no doubt about it, their was no design the grammar was atrocious and your thoughts were probably a mess. As we have developed over the course of our education these elements have increased 100 fold for most people. Over that exponential growth of our skills our design was also increased. In order to have a good paper you need to have an interesting layout. Without an "eye grabber" your target audience will get bored very easily and just stop reading your paper, so design is of the utmost importance. The way you design your paper very much shows how you communicative on a daily basis. You can even think of this as a gateway into your authors mind. One could say this for many reason, for example if the layout is poor and thoughts have no correlation it is safe to assume that the author is a scatterbrain.  Were on the other end of the spectrum if the paper is very neatly organized with bullet points or something of that manner you can assume that the author is very organized.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am very skeptical of blogs. I say this because I feel that they can be useful but at the same time hurt the writer or reader.  This is because to me a blog could help a person through hard times. For example if I had a death in my family that was very tragic I could surf the internet for a person that has a blog dealing with death and maybe that would be able to help me cope with this loss more. This would be an example of a blog that is good. Another example of a good blog is one that someone just goes on the vent their feelings and emotions to a mass of people that really don't know their face or their background which to some people could be a form of release. Now their are also harmful blogs. Say someone has a blog that is just their to make fun of someone or a group of people. This could be hurtful and serves no real point other then to poke fun at someone. A blogger signify to me a person that needs to vent to a general group of people or discussing the every day happenings of their life. A blog might be useful to me to form a community of people that like the same things I do. We could discuss what is happening with movies or games or anything relay