Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Topic: Depression

Purpose: Why should you get your depression under control and how to do so?

Audience: People affected by the illness , doctors looking to brush up on treatment options

Context: controversy , acceptability, rejoining a societal norm

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Work, Career, Vocation

Work. This could be anything from physical labor to researching for a school assignment. Work for me can be described as anything that has no long term meaning in life. For example if I am Re-mulching the garden it looks good for a while but after so many years it will have to be forgot about.  

Career. This can be described as being a full time student to having a job in your field of interest. Working at McDonalds full time to me is not a career. A career is something that you can earn a living wage off of and provide basic amenities. 

Vocation. This word means a calling. Your vocation does not have to be a job. Vocation is something that you are passionate about and can pursue that may or may not help others. Someones vocation can be to go fishing on Saturday. Someone else's vocation can be to go on mission trips to Uganda. It vary's from person to person. Your vocation can also change over the course of your life. When you are five years old one could have said there vocation was to be the best T-Ball player in the league, but as we progress through age and get a wider view of the world our vocation could be to be the best doctor in the field. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rhet analysis final

Rhet analysis closing comments

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rhet analysis purpose/design

Purpose Statement/Design Plan

In this essay, I will be describing the symbolic and visual details of a selection of posters representing The Hobbit movies. Some of the details I will be referencing in my description are the use of color, shading, texture, mood, and text. My audience will be any person that would potentially be interested in these movies or any person that may have read the books. The age range of the intended audience could be anybody from the very young to an elderly person that has an interest in a fantasy type of story.  The purpose of my analysis is to encourage my reader to have a more complete understanding of the deeper meaning behind things that sometimes go unnoticed. . I will search for clues that will allow the reader an opportunity to gain a better understanding of implied meaning and symbolism.  I will be giving the audience a picture of the work and then describe my understanding of the details of the work. Hopefully, my analysis will promote a more critical evaluation of the images presented on the part of the viewer/reader. I will be commenting on the ethos, or the credibility of the work presented. An unsophisticated audience may view the posters as a simple advertisement that elicits little thought; however, by reading my statement, the audience has an opportunity to view the images through a more critical eye.  Pathos will be addressed by delving into the emotional scene incited by the work. The shapes of letters can draw the reader in and suggest a way of reading (fast, slow, informal, etc.)  Logos will give the reader a sense of logical application of the image by arranging the elements in such a way as to draw attention to the viewer. By presenting the key concepts in this way, I hope to shed new light on the implied meaning of the Hobbit movies’ posters.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/19/15 poster assignment

I am choosing the harry potter poster. Right away your eye is drawn towards the center of the poster to the wand. The wand seems to be some sort of conflict because both of these people are holding it and it is also emitting some sort of force. After you see the wand your eyes drift to the boarders of the image and you see people with blood coated faces. Finally your eyes drift down to the text which states "IT ALL ENDS 7.15" which is a very powerful statement.  The darkness of the poster suggests that it will not be a happy film and there will be depressing moments. The blood on these characters supports the idea that there will be fighting and conflict in this film also. I believe that this poster was made recently because it was digitally made and the quality is very good. Another indicator to this is that it is being shown in Imax 3D which didn't take off in popularity until recently. I believe that this is an action movie based on all of the blood and the darker elements of the poster. I believe that the designer of the poster chose the colors in this manner to portray a darker meaning. You can say this because the wand is emitting light onto the characters face and you can see that they are coated in blood.  One could assume that being coated in blood is not a good thing. They also made the text white which makes it stand out better against the darker background. The overall effect that this poster has on me is fighting and despair. I say this because you can see the anger and agony in the characters eyes to finally end their prolonged struggle. You also see that they are covered in blood. The darkness of the background also leads you to believe that this is not a movie about rainbows and sunshine.  This poster makes me want to see the movie because of the detail that went into making it.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Design plan

For my photo essay I will be using an arrangement of photos. I plan on using photos that can convey my message appropriately. In order to show my photos to my audience I will be using a program called power point. This program is fairly simple to use, however if used correctly you can make professional presentations on it. In order to use my medium correctly I will be planning out my steps prior to execution. In order to do this I will review my photos and choose the ones that best fit into my theme.

            Ethos: Although I am not a professional health expert I hope I can convey my message appropriately. I hope to do this by showing confidence in my display. I will do that my using factual information and convincing language. I may use real world examples to further my credibility in what I am saying. I will also try to associate comedy into my presentation to lighten the mood because for some people this can be a very scary area of topic and could potentially steer them away from even considering my opinions.

            Pathos: Health is a very emotional topic for some people because they have tried everything and still cannot achieve their goals. I will be trying to pull on the strings of people’s emotions to agree with my statements and convince them that my way of doing things is the way to achieve their goals.

            Logos: The logical aspect of my photo essay will be very apparent. I will be showing people that these methods are proven through factual information and visual representations. For example if I show someone that instead of eating a bag of chips after school each day, they could eat an apple which would be drastically healthier option and maybe show a graphical or something of that sort to actually prove this statement.

            I will be arranging my photo essay in a way that the comedic side is scattered through the hard facts. I will be doing this to not only keep my readers attention but to show them that sometimes healthy things can not only be fun but amusing also. I will also be showing the unhealthy pictures in a sort of devilish manner and the healthy pictures in a sort of saving light to subliminally per sway people to be healthy.


            For the testing aspect of this presentation I will be showing it to my friends to see if they agree with my ideas or not. They can give their varying opinions on how to improve my project and show me some ways that I could change things through wording or picture choices.

My Purpose Statement

     The Purpose of my photo essay is to describe specific ways the average person can make healthy choices throughout their day. I will provide interesting information about sleep, including how much is necessary and ways to achieve optimal sleep benefits through the use of a nighttime routine, which includes showering as a relaxation technique.  Examples of healthy food choices will be provided, along with balanced breakfast and snack options and healthy food- on- the- go choices.  A visual will be provided representing healthy hydration. I will discuss the health dangers of drinking soda, the need for a substantial amount of water, and how drinking water prevents hunger and poor food choices, as well as aides in digestion. Practical ways to incorporate exercise in our day will be represented with a visual of parking in a parking spot that is away from the entrance, as well as using the stairs whenever possible. Vitamins and supplements are represented with a slide in my photo essay with a brief reminder that most people can get the nutrients they need from eating a balanced diet.

     I will remind the audience of simple ways to live a healthy lifestyle without spending hours at the gym. The pictures that I will provide display examples of the choices I am addressing, as well as real-life implementation of how I conduct my day.  My goal is to inspire an average group of people to apply better choices throughout their day to increase overall health. Living a healthy lifestyle is something that the average person can do without much extra effort.  The slides, along with my narration, seek to provide everyone with a reminder of making our health a routine part of any day.  From sunrise to sunset incorporating healthy choices gives the average person a chance to expand natural health benefits while conducting business as usual.