Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I am very skeptical of blogs. I say this because I feel that they can be useful but at the same time hurt the writer or reader.  This is because to me a blog could help a person through hard times. For example if I had a death in my family that was very tragic I could surf the internet for a person that has a blog dealing with death and maybe that would be able to help me cope with this loss more. This would be an example of a blog that is good. Another example of a good blog is one that someone just goes on the vent their feelings and emotions to a mass of people that really don't know their face or their background which to some people could be a form of release. Now their are also harmful blogs. Say someone has a blog that is just their to make fun of someone or a group of people. This could be hurtful and serves no real point other then to poke fun at someone. A blogger signify to me a person that needs to vent to a general group of people or discussing the every day happenings of their life. A blog might be useful to me to form a community of people that like the same things I do. We could discuss what is happening with movies or games or anything relay

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